Our regular worship service times in the Fall, Winter, and Spring are Friday at 7:00 PM and Sunday at 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM. Our Family night service is on Wednesdays starting at 6:30 PM. During the summer we modify our services to Friday at 7:00 PM and Sunday, one service only, at 9:30 AM. Connection groups replace our Wednesday night services during the summer and they happen on different days and times throughout the week. Call the office for more information (724) 929-9290

Our “come as you are” services are a time when we worship God through songs and inspirational teachings that challenge us.  Families and friends join together to strengthen our faith and relationship with God in a judgment-free zone.

When you enter our front doors, our church family will welcome you with smiles, hugs, and love.  Before you enter our sanctuary, stop by our His Place Café for a quick snack and fresh cup of hot coffee, tea or other drink.  The Café opens half an hour before each service.

If you have children, make sure you stop by our Connection Desk to sign them in for classes.  Nursery through seventh grade classes are offered during services, giving your child the opportunity to learn about the Lord’s love at their level.

If you’re interested in visiting, please visit our Plan a Visit page for directions and what to expect upon arrival.

For more information, contact Pastor Tim or our administrative team, Mike and Beth Hough.


Pulse Nursery

Our Nursery is a place to love and nurture our littlest bundles of joy through interactive play. Preschool teachers work with our three and four-year-olds through the teaching of Bible lessons, art projects and play. Complete lessons provided. You must have your clearances to work in the nursery or with our preschoolers.

Pulse Children’s Ministry

Developing a relationship with God for our Kindergarten to Fifth Grade through interactive Bible lessons, art projects, journal writing, and prayers. Complete lessons provided for all grades. You must have your clearances to work with our children.

SPARK (6th & 7th Grade)

Each week our kids are learning more about God and diving deeper into what it is to have a relationship with their Father. Topics here can get intense as kids are beginning to learn about life around them. But it is also real and honest. Mentors here can help to shape the kids’ view of who God is and how He impacts their life. This group helps to SPARK their ferver to grow in God.

IGNITE (8th -12th Grade)

This group meets during the week to get together to have a safe environment and to connect with their peers. As the youth dive further into the Word of God the goal is to IGNITE their passion for God and let it grow into their lives and those the youth come into contact with. Here lifelong connections are made and the impact will be noticed for the rest of their lives.

IMPACT (18 years to 30 years)

This group’s purpose is to IMPACT the world around them by going out and ministering to different teams and allowing the depth of the knowledge that they are learning about life. This is a critical stage of life as these young adults are learning about college and entering the workforce. What better place to be an IMPACT on those around them!

THE MOM GROUP (expecting Mom’s – Mom’s with school age children)

Moms  have a powerful and special job that changes the world every day. They need  an opportunity to spend time in a Bible study and be a support for each other.

Join us Wednesday Nights from 6:30-8:00 starting September 16, 2020. While the moms are meeting the kids will be in age-appropriate classes where they will have a lesson, a snack and many different fun activities giving the moms a time to be refreshed.

In addition to this time of refreshing, playdate times will be established giving opportunities where the kids and moms get together for fun


Beginning September 23

“What’s it all about?”

There are so many things that are confusing in our world today. How do we balance what our world is saying is right and acceptable with what the Bible has to say?

What does our church believe? Join Tom and Jean Hollis, Elders of the Christian Center Church (what is an Elder anyhow?) for a few weeks of discussion about what we believe and why and how you can be a part!

Beginning September 23 for 4 weeks or so

Once the 4 weeks is up, join us for a few weeks in the cafe for “hot topic” discussions starting at 6:45

God, Government, and You

Often we hear, “never talk politics and religion!” On Wednesday nights beginning September 23 not only are we going to talk about it but we will learn what the Bible has to say about: 

  1. many of today’s “hot buttons!” 
  2. How we should be talking about our faith and government. 
  3. Our faith does not stop, it is part of us and even at the office, neighborhood, and in government, we must live it

Jackie Greenawalt is heading up this class with help from videos from Wall Builders founder and president, David Barton

Here is some examples of what will be discussed

  1. God in Government

America’s Christian Heritage

Once the 4 weeks is up, join us for a few weeks in the cafe for “hot topic discussions starting at 6:45


Everyone is discussing, Is this the end times? Well is it? What about the “666” thing? What is the purpose of the great tribulation? How long is it really? Who is going to go through it?

If God is so loving how can he plan such a dramatic world cataclysmic event?

He is a loving God and that is exactly what Revelation is about

Join us starting Wednesday September 23 at 6:45 PM (take a few moments to get the kids settled, get a cup of coffee then join Pastor Tim in the sanctuary