There is a place for everyone at The Christian Center!

We believe the church should be about serving the world and our community. Jesus called us to be salt and light – both preserving and bringing hope to the world. If you are interested in making someone’s world better, then we have plenty of opportunities for you.

Like most churches, we have a missions effort supporting dozens of missionaries around the globe.

We also “go” to Peru, Cuba, Mexico and various places around the world. Pastor Tim has been in over 100 nations around the world.

We are concerned about right here at home too.

We have a reading program that works with children and improves their reading skills so that school is a much better experience for the child and their parents

Our celebration of single mothers encourages and helps to build and strengthen family.

Our Vacation Bible school impacts over 100 children every year.

We have both basketball and soccer programs that share skills and the love of Jesus with kids and their parents.

We have various other outreaches to our local communities.

We also have ministries to touch all ages. Just click on any of the links to the right to learn more about them.